• Manage Western Australia’s parks, forests and reserves to conserve wildlife, provide sustainable recreation and tourism opportunities, protect communities and assets from bushfire and achieve other land, forest and wildlife management objectives.
  • Inspire and act for wildlife conservation.
  • Conserve and enhance Kings Park and Botanic Garden and Bold Park with the community, and to conserve biological diversity generally.
  • Grow visitor numbers and yield by providing best-in-class tourism products, experiences and service while enhancing Rottnest Island’s unique heritage and environment.
  • Provide scientific excellence and deliver effective conservation of Western Australia’s biodiversity.


This charter describes our commitment to our visitors, colleagues, partners, volunteers and supporters.

Teamwork: We are a connected community; we share knowledge, experience and accomplishments and together we continuously learn.

  • We work together with mutual respect to ensure that our workplaces are safe, collaborative and equitable environments, free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.
  • ​We maintain high standards in conservation, environmental and fire management and visitor service, balancing effective risk management and sustainable, value-for-money business activities.
  • We collaborate with our colleagues to do what is right for our visitors, people and places, no matter where we work in the DBCA.

Partnership and Leadership: We actively seek out relationships, built on respect for our people, communities and partners to achieve excellence by working with likeminded businesses, individuals and organisations.

  • We strive for excellence in our ​work and build strategic alliances for mutual benefit, to advocate for, conserve and promote Aboriginal and other cultural heritage, biodiversity and the natural environment.
  • We share and contribute to scientific knowledge and empower policy and decision-makers to take a long-term management perspective, underpinned by research outcomes.
  • We acknowledge, value, and foster the contribution of our key partners, stakeholders, sponsors and volunteers.
  • We work with the community and education institutions to develop new skills, capacity and understanding that supports the delivery of our objectives.

Personal commitment: We are passionate about our work and listen to and trust in our peers. 

  • We encourage a flexible, dedicated and realistic approach that drives innovative service delivery and continuous improvement.
  • We take responsibility for our actions, making decisions fairly, impartially, promptly and with integrity.
  • We inspire and nurture positive performance and personal development, maximising workplace support and opportunities.
  • We work to ensure an honest, open and unprejudiced work environment.

This charter is supported by specific conduct obligations in the Code of Conduct of each entity within the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.​

Vision for services ​​delivered

  • Biodiversity and Conserv​​ation Science
    Best practice biodiversity science and knowledge partnerships underpin conservation of Western Australia’s plants, animals, communities and ecosystems, and management of our lands and waters.
  • Botanic Gardens and Parks​
    To create and provide world recognised botanic gardens and parks and to inspire the conservation of biological diversity.
  • Parks and Wildlife ​​Service
    The natural assets of Western Australia are conserved, protected and valued.

  • Perth Zoo
    A world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.
  • Rottnest Island​​
    Rottnest Island is an internationally recognised, sustainable, must-visit tourism destination.
Page reviewed 29 Aug 2019