The opportunity

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction’s two leading tourism drawcards Rottnest Island/Wadjemup and Kings Park/Kaarta Koomba wish to invite Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal people and their communities to deliver cultural tourism experiences.

Expressions of interest are invited from Aboriginal/Noongar people and communities to deliver Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences on Wadjemup/Rottnest Island and Kaarta Koomba/ Kings Park. This includes guided tours, workshops, performances and other cultural tourism activities. Future opportunities may also be offered at the Perth Zoological Authority site.

Ongoing Aboriginal tourism and cultural experience opportunities continue to be offered on lands managed by DBCA’s Parks and Wildlife Service in the broader Perth metropolitan area and throughout Western Australia’s national parks.  

For further information and the relevant Aboriginal Tourism and Cultural Experiences Expression Of Interest documents please visit the links below. Please direct enquires to the respective Kings Park and Rottnest Island attraction’s representatives and prepare submissions as outlined in the documentation packages.


Expression of Interest Rottnest

Wadjemup/Rottnest Island

Located 19km off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is a favourite getaway for Western Australians and a popular destination for interstate and international visitors keen to experience the marine, terrestrial and historic aspects of the Island.  In 2017, nearly 650,000 visitors holidayed on Rottnest Island.

The opportunity

Rottnest Island Authority is keen to discuss opportunities with interested parties able to immerse visitors in a cultural experience on Wadjemup. There are opportunities for visitors to learn about the Noongar history and gain a rare and special insight into the Aboriginal people’s close and integral connection to the land.


Expression of interest closes: COB Friday 7 December 2018

To download the Wadjemup/Rottnest Island Expression of Interest and for more information, please visit the Rottnest website.

View the Rottnest Island EOI


Expression of Interest Kings Park

Kaarta Koomba/ Kings Park

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the 400ha A-Class Reserve in the Perth CBD that features on the itineraries of all visitors to Perth. It is managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA).  In 2016-17, around six million visitors enjoyed the expansive parklands, natural bushland and world-class Western Australian Botanic Garden, along with its active calendar of events and festivals.

The opportunity

While Kings Park and Botanic Garden has existing school education and corporate/wellness programs, there is scope for Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences to cater to the interests of the broader leisure tourism market/s. Kings Park offers several amenities and facilities that can be used to enhance a cultural tour / experience, including the Beedawong amphitheatre. Nestled in the WA Botanic Garden the amphitheatre provides an ideal meeting place for storytelling and performance. There are also other WA Botanic Garden areas, recreational parkland and the Kings Park bushland tracks. Many of Kings Park’s facilities can be booked for use during tours.


Expression of interest closes: COB Monday 14 January 2019

To download the Kaarta Koomba/ Kings Park Expression of Interest and for more information, please visit the Kings Park and Botanic Garden website.

View the Kings Park EOI


Expression of Interest Parks and Wildlife

Parks and Wildlife Service

DBCA’s Parks and Wildlife Service is the agency responsible for conserving the State’s unique plants and animals, and world-class network of terrestrial and marine parks and reserves on behalf of the people of Western Australia.   

Parks and Wildlife Service conducts an ongoing expressions of interest process throughout the year to help recognise the unique role and expertise Aboriginal people have as Traditional Owners of the lands and waters the department manages. DBCA aims to promote reconciliation and foster strong working partnerships and community relationships with Aboriginal people. The Parks and Wildlife Service seeks to provide environmental, social, cultural and economic opportunities that further the development of a world-class system of parks in WA.

The opportunity

If you are interested in operating an Aboriginal tourism business or an Aboriginal cultural event in WA’s national parks and other conservation reserves, please contact the Parks and Wildlife Service to discuss your proposal and to find out about licensing. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service provides a 3-year licence charge waiver for new Aboriginal tourism businesses.


Expression of interest runs all year.


Responding to Demand

Tourism is a key economic and social driver of the Western Australian economy, contributing $11.8 billion in GSP and employing a total of 103,900 people in 2016-17.  Perth is the main gateway to Western Australia, welcoming in excess of 946,000 international and 1.37 million interstate visitors in the year ending December 2017.

As the major gateway for some two million inbound visitors, Perth and the broader metropolitan region offers tremendous opportunity to develop sustainable Aboriginal tourism experiences. While there is a small core of well-established Aboriginal cultural tourism businesses in the metropolitan area, there are destinations of high visitation where demand for such experiences are yet to be advertised.  

Today’s socially aware travellers show a greater interest in learning about the cultural values and origins of destinations they visit.  There is great interest to understand the Aboriginal connection to Rottnest Island/Wadjemup both pre and post colonisation and the importance to Aboriginal people (the Whadjuk people) of the land designated as Perth’s Kings Park.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction’s two main attractions, Rottnest Island/Wadjemup and Kings Park are keen to invite Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal people and their communities to deliver cultural tourism experiences.