• Email the Rivers and Estuaries Branch Statutory Assessments Unit (rivers.planning@dbca.wa.gov.au) quoting the reference number for the application that you are commenting on.

Tips on how to make submissions

Your submission does not need to be long or complex.

It should include your name and contact details as well as the name of the proposed development that you are commenting on.

Focus on your opinions, your reasons for them and your suggestions on how to address issues that concern you. Submission templates are not provided, but a suitable structure would be to address the following subheadings for each issue or point raised:

  • issue – answer the question, what is the issue that concerns me, or the point that I wish to raise?
  • reason(s) – explain why the point you have raised is an issue
  • managed outcome – if possible, outline and explain how the issue could be managed

Submissions should include copies of, or references to, any factual data such as scientific reports.

Clearly state whether you are prepared to have all or part of your submission quoted and whether you are prepared to be identified. Your submission will normally be publicly available, but if you prefer to have it kept confidential, you should include reasons why it should be held in confidence. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions will respect such confidence. However, this cannot be guaranteed under the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

Page reviewed 22 Feb 2021