This interactive list can be used to find species listed under the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) as threatened and species listed on DBCA’s priority flora list.

The list can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or Order published in the Government Gazette.

Scientific Name Common Name WA Conservation Code
Abildgaardia pachyptera P1
Abutilon sp. Hamelin (A.M. Ashby P2P196) P2
Abutilon sp. Onslow (F. Smith s.n. P10/9/6P1) P3
Abutilon sp. Pritzelianum (S. van Leeuwen 5095) P3
Abutilon sp. Quobba (H. Demarz P3858) P2
Abutilon sp. Warburton (A.S. George 8P16P4) P1
Acacia adinophylla P1
Acacia adjutrices Convivial Wattle P3
Acacia alata var. platyptera P4
Acacia alexandri P3
Acacia ampliata P1
Acacia amyctica P2
Acacia anarthros P3
Acacia anastomosa P1
Acacia ancistrophylla var. lissophylla P2
Acacia ancistrophylla var. perarcuata P3
Acacia anomala Grass Wattle VU
Acacia anserina P2
Acacia aphanoclada P1
Acacia aphylla Leafless Rock Wattle VU
Acacia aprica CR
Acacia arcuatilis P2
Acacia argutifolia East Barrens Wattle P4
Acacia aristulata EN
Acacia armigera Fierce Wattle P1
Acacia ascendens P2
Acacia asepala P2
Acacia ataxiphylla subsp. ataxiphylla P3
Acacia ataxiphylla subsp. magna EN
Acacia atopa P3
Acacia auratiflora VU
Acacia auricoma P3
Acacia auripila P2
Acacia awestoniana CR
Acacia barrettiorum P2
Acacia bartlei P3
Acacia benthamii Bentham's Wattle P2
Acacia besleyi Bes' Wattle P1
Acacia bifaria P3
Acacia botrydion P4
Acacia brachyphylla var. recurvata P3
Acacia brachypoda VU
Acacia bromilowiana Bromilow's Wattle P4
Acacia browniana var. glaucescens P2
Acacia burrowsiana P3
Acacia caesariata VU
Acacia calcicola P4
Acacia camptocarpa P1
Acacia campylophylla P3
Acacia capillaris P2