Perth Zoo gets hands-on in wildlife conservation, at home and beyond our borders. This is what makes us one of the world’s best small zoos. One simple vision inspires and directs our work – a world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.

The role and purpose of zoos have changed enormously in recent decades. Perth Zoo plays a part in the much bigger picture of the conservation of our natural world. We do this in collaboration with scientific agencies, governments and other conservation partners. We:

  • contribute directly to the preservation of species and habitat diversity
  • provide the opportunity for visitors to encounter the natural world and become involved in conservation
  • connect people with nature and inspire a passion for conservation
  • provide links and practical ways for individuals to become involved in conservation at the Zoo and beyond our borders
  • role-model environmental sustainability

Zoological Parks Authority

Perth Zoo is managed by the Zoological Parks Authority. On this website, you can find out more about what the Authority does, annual reports and other corporate information.

Ready for a wild day out?

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