Western Australia has rich and unique biodiversity, much of which is endemic and recognised as being both nationally and globally significant. Conservation of this biodiversity includes maintaining and restoring variability within and between native species, ecological communities and other biodiversity components, including ecosystems, habitats, genes and ecological processes.

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act, native species are listed as threatened when they face a high to very high risk of extinction in the wild, and ecological communities are listed as threatened when they face a high to very high risk of collapse.

Conserving and protecting threatened species and threatened ecological communities is a key element of the department’s biodiversity conservation responsibilities.

Threatened flora and fauna lists

Lists of threatened and priority flora and fauna are available as a downloadable document, searchable interactive lists, and Government gazettal notices.

Document downloads

Threatened and Priority Flora List - February 2024
Threatened and Priority Fauna List - October 2023

Interactive lists

Interactive list of threatened flora 
Interactive list of threatened fauna

Government gazettal notices

Gazette 135 of 2023 (Published 6 October 2023)

Summary of changes to flora listings - October 2023

Summary of changes to fauna listings - October 2023

Threatened ecological communities list

Document downloads

Threatened Ecological Communities List - October 2023

Government gazettal notice

Gazette 62 of 2023 (26 May 2023)

Visit the List of threatened ecological communities page for more information.