In implementing the Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood) Biodiversity Management Programme, licencing processes have been reviewed and updated to improve the ecologically sustainable use of sandalwood. The downloads below seek to provide the information applicants require to submit a licence application for taking, transporting, supplying (and storing for), processing, dealing and/or exporting sandalwood.

The Fact Sheet provides an overview of each of the legal authorities in the sandalwood supply chain, where they are required, and the application fees that apply. The fact sheet also describes the provision for Aboriginal involvement in sandalwood.

The CEO Guideline to support the Biodiversity Conservation Regulations Sandalwood Licensing  (Guideline) provides the licensing processes for the take of wild sandalwood where authorised by a flora taking (sandalwood) licence. The Guideline intends to be fair and equitable, and an appropriate application of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulations. 

The Sandalwood Tracking Form accompanies sandalwood when it is transported from the place of harvest to the processor or dealer and between processors and dealers. These ensure that the legal origin of the sandalwood can be established during transaction, inspections or compliance procedures.

If you are interested in applying for a licence to take wild sandalwood from private or Crown land, please contact DBCA’s Wildlife Licensing Section on 9219 9832 or for an application kit. 

For more information on the conservation, protection and management of sandalwood, please visit Sandalwood | Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (