Western Australia is renowned for its diverse and spectacular wildflowers and is one of the premier flora centres in the world. 

Discover some of our unique plants, learn more about their conservation status, and find out what is being done to protect our unique flora.  

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions has a key role in protecting our native plants through the management of lands and waters reserved under the Conservation and Land Management Act, a range of conservation initiatives operating on other lands, and the protection of threatened species and ecological communities.

  • FloraBase is a database of Western Australian plants.
    You can search by several categories, including scientific and common names, as well as by descriptions such as flower colour, habitat and locality. 
  • The Western Australian Herbarium houses the State's collection of scientific plant specimens, and is responsible for describing and documenting the diversity of the state's plants, algae and fungi. It manages FloraBase, and provides most of its core data through its collection of more than 750,000 specimens. 

You need a licence to take part or all of any native plant.

All native plants are protected in Western Australia by law.