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River Guardians is a program that engages the community on matters relating to the Swan and Canning rivers.
Our iconic Swan Canning Riverpark is showing the same signs of environmental stress as other waterways around the world. What you do in your own backyard affects our rivers and therefore every Perth resident has an important role to play in helping to protect them.


Whether you're interested in river history, dolphins, birds, gardening, water quality, oxygenation and other scientific issues, or simply just want to know more about our beautiful Swan Canning Riverpark and how to help protect it, we have a variety of different projects that may be of interest to you.


River Guardians links you to a constant stream of educational programs and projects each year. Whether you are an individual, school, community group or corporation, we have a program or project of interest to you and we're keen to help you learn more about our Swan Canning Riverpark. After all, we all have an important role to play in helping to protect our iconic river system.


River Guardians volunteers can take part in skilled volunteering projects. Volunteers can receive training in a number of projects ranging from being the eyes on our rivers and becoming a Dolphin Watch volunteer or helping conserve our wildlife and reduce the risk of entanglements by becoming a Reel it in campaign volunteer. Visit the Dolphin Watch section to find out how you can volunteer and contribute to new scientific discoveries on bottlenose dolphins in our rivers.

There are also many community groups looking for volunteers to take part in hands-on activities that help to protect our rivers. The River Guardians program is committed to supporting the important work that these organisations and groups do. Volunteer projects include planting, weeding, drain stencilling, and rubbish removal.


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