The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) will be carrying out aerial surveys of kangaroos and other wildlife in the Goldfields, Nullarbor and Esperance regions over the next two weeks. 

People may notice a small, fixed wing aircraft flying at low levels (approximately 250ft) across the regions over this time. The survey is conducted in transects that run east to west or west to east. 

Surveys take place just after first light until mid-morning and then re-commence mid-afternoon until just before last light. This reduces the chance of missing kangaroos that might be lying under bushes in the middle of the day.

These surveys take place every three years and the data collected enables staff to monitor populations of red and western grey kangaroos to inform management. Staff also count other native and non-native animals including emus, euros, goats and camels.

Surveys occur this time of year to take advantage of the clear and favourable weather conditions. 

For more information please contact DBCA’s Species and Communities Branch on 9219 9534 or