• Bunuba National Park covers more than 220,000 hectares of the Fitzroy Valley
  • New national park in WA's Kimberley is larger than the size of London
  • Marks halfway milestone of Plan for Our Parks with 2.5 million hectares created
  • Delivering on a 2017 election commitment for the Fitzroy River

A new national park has been created in the Kimberley that is larger than the size of London, marking the halfway milestone of the Plan for Our Parks initiative.

Bunuba National Park covers more than 220,000 hectares. It extends the existing Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park along the Fitzroy River, north to Dimond Gorge.

The addition means 2.5 million hectares has now been added to Western Australia's conservation estate under the Plan for Our Parks initiative.

Five million hectares of national and marine parks and reserves are being created, increasing the State's conservation estate by 20 per cent. This is on target for completion next year.

The Fitzroy River is a sacred place for Bunuba Traditional Owners and holds spiritual ties to their ancestral history.

Along with the establishment of Warlibirri National Park last year, this new reserve delivers on a 2017 election commitment to create a national park along the Fitzroy and Margaret rivers.

Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions will jointly manage Bunuba National Park.

During the consultation process, neighbouring pastoralists were given the chance to discuss boundaries, access to water, bores, fencing and opportunities for diversification.

Comments attributed to Premier Roger Cook:

"My Government is delivering on its election commitment for the Fitzroy River by creating national parks and increasing WA's valuable conservation estate.

"Bunuba National Park is part of our broader vision for the Kimberley as it continues its recovery from unprecedented flooding.

"The area has enormous environmental and cultural significance and we're committed to safeguarding its unique landscape."

Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby:

"It's fantastic we've reached the halfway milestone for our Plan for Our Parks initiative. I'm proud to say we are on target to achieve our goal of creating five million hectares of new conservation estate next year.

"This new chapter in joint management creates meaningful employment opportunities for Traditional Owners, protects our environment and encourages the sharing of cultural and conservation knowledge."

Comments attributed to Aboriginal Affairs Minister Dr Tony Buti:

"This is an historic step for the Fitzroy River and fulfilling an election promise.

"I congratulate the Bunuba people on this partnership. Joint management empowers Traditional Owners and will ensure this land is protected now and into the future."

Comments attributed to Kimberley MLA Divina D'Anna:

"It's incredibly special that so many people have come together on Country to celebrate this significant milestone with the Bunuba people.

"It's important we acknowledge this area which is rich in cultural history. To Traditional Owners, the Martuwarra – Fitzroy River is a living ancestral being."

Comments attributed to Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation Director Joe Ross:

"This is an historic outcome forour community and will have great cultural, social and economic benefits for Aboriginal people.

"We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the creation of Bunuba National Park, which builds on our existing joint management partnerships that help protect our Country."