Ospreys have a new nest at Point Waylen. Image: DBCA
Ospreys have a new nest at Point Waylen. Image: DBCA
  • New artificial nest installed at Point Waylen, Alfred Cove Nature Reserve
  • Replaces old nest with new structure with more protection from the weather
  • Volunteers crucial to building the new nest¬†

Hopes of a successful nesting season for Alfred Cove's ospreys have been given a boost thanks to the installation of a new and improved osprey pole and nest at Point Waylen.

The former osprey nest, which consisted of a flat platform installed more than a decade ago, was in need of modifications due to nests made by the birds becoming partially or completely blown over from storm events.

To change this, a new curved shaped nesting structure built by volunteers from Friends of Attadale Foreshore was made to provide a more suitable environment to protect the nests from windy weather conditions.

The pole that supports the nest has also been replaced with a pivot pole, enabling any future maintenance to be carried out more easily as access into the A Class Nature Reserve is not conducive to using a crane.

All modifications made on the nest structure were based on advice from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, which will monitor nest activity in collaboration with the Friends of Attadale Foreshore.

Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:

"Osprey sightings, especially when pairs are nesting, are a wonderful thing to see, not just for bird watchers but for the community in general.

"Although ospreys are not listed as a vulnerable species, these nesting poles are important to support the local osprey population.

"The McGowan Government is committed to working with community groups such as the Friends of Attadale Foreshore to help protect our environment."

Comments attributed to Bicton MLA Lisa O'Malley:

"We're blessed with abundant birdlife in Bicton, and I'd like to pay tribute to Mike Nichol, from Friends of Attadale Foreshore for working so hard on behalf of the osprey - I was lucky enough to see ospreys using the nest recently.

"The beautiful surrounds of the Attadale foreshore are a natural haven for local birdlife, and the osprey pole is an important part of a wider community-led plan by the Friends of the Melville Bird Sanctuary to secure a safe space for birdlife into the future.

"Our natural ecosystem here in Bicton by the river is so special and I thank all community groups across Bicton, who volunteer their time to keep it that way."

Page reviewed 27 Jul 2020