The current Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 will end on 31 December 2023, and the next plan (Forest Management Plan 2024-2033) is expected to commence on 1 January 2024.

Preparation for the Forest Management Plan 2024-2033 by the Conservation and Parks Commission (through DBCA) is underway. Over the next few months, we’ll be working to prepare the draft plan, consistent with CALM Act requirements.

Consultation commenced in December 2021. During our pre-draft engagement activities, we have received valuable feedback from stakeholders and the community through meetings, stakeholder focus groups and a public online survey. This information is helping to inform the development of the Forest Management Plan 2024-2033.

We’re planning to release a draft plan for public comment between October and December 2022, and you’ll be invited to have your say.

Development process timeline

FMP 2024-2033 development process

On 8 September 2021, the McGowan Government announced that large scale commercial timber harvesting in south-west native forests will be discontinued from 2024.

The recently announced changes to how WA forests are managed into the future does not mean an end to forest management activities but an end to large scale commercial logging in our native forests.

This significant announcement will help to guide and shape the development of the Forest Management Plan 2024-2033.

We will regularly update this page with information and resources including frequently asked questions, fact sheets and ways for you to have your say.

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About the Forest Management Plan

Covering 2.5 million hectares from Lancelin, north of Perth, to Denmark on the south coast, nearly 62 per cent of this total land area is in existing or proposed conservation reserves or otherwise protected areas. The Forest Management Plan aims to strike a balance between conservation and other activities. It incorporates a number of management activities to help conserve biological diversity, provide for recreation and a sustainable forest products industry, and to protect water catchments.

Our south-west forests are valued for many reasons:

  • as the catchment area for most of the State’s population’s water supply
  • as the source of our main native timber industries
  • as a major recreation and tourism drawcard
  • for their rich cultural and historic heritage

Forests need to be healthy – strong enough to withstand the changing climate evident in the declining rainfall, streamflows and groundwater levels recorded since the 1970s.

The plan sets out management activities to protect forest values and balance the many ways the forests are used.

Forest Management Plan 2014-2023

The Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 provides the policy framework for managing south-west native forest until 2023. The Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 was released on 6 December 2013.

Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 mid-term review of performance report

The mid-term review of performance assessed the management of land to which the plan applies has been undertaken in accordance with the plan, including the extent to which key performance indicator (KPI) targets were being achieved.

The report made no specific finding on sustainability but considered the status of 49 measures to indicate the achievement or otherwise of performance targets for 24 KPI. About 80 per cent of performance targets were achieved or largely met, with 16 per cent of performance measures or success criteria only met in some cases, and four per cent of performance targets not achieved or not progressed.

To view the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 mid-term review of the performance report, please go to the download below

Preparing the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023

The Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 was prepared over two-and-a-half years from 2010 to 2013. Our page on Preparing the Forest Management Plan gives detailed insight into this process.

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about the forest management plan? Visit our frequently asked questions page.


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