Dunnart at Julimar State Forest. Photo by G Anderson
Dunnart at Julimar State Forest. Photo by G Anderson

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has an important role in the protection, management and care of WA's biodiversity. 

We develop and implement programs for the conservation and management of wildlife including plants, animals, genes and ecosystems. This work is based on best practice science.

Legislation including the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984 and Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 provide protection for the areas and species we manage.

Plants and animals

Western Australia is home to a rich array of native flora and fauna. We have a key role in their protection.

Threatened species and communities

Protection of critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable species and ecological communities.

Off-reserve conservation

Promoting partnerships between private landowners, government and other agencies to protect landscapes and their biodiversity beyond the conservation estate.

Threat management

Controlling and, where possible, eliminating key invasive pest animals, plants and diseases.

Biodiversity Conservation Act and Regulations

Providing protection for biodiversity, particularly threatened species and threatened ecological communities.
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