Western Australia is home to a rich and unique array of native fauna. This includes about 50 per cent of Australia's threatened mammals, as well as many threatened bird, reptile, frog, fish and invertebrate species.

Biodiversity and Conservation Science staff work to conserve and manage Western Australia's fauna by reducing the likelihood of extinction of individual animal species and loss of ecological communities. We do this by reducing key threats such as predation by foxes and feral cats, inappropriate fire regimes, and competition and predation by introduced rodents on islands. We also assess cane toad impacts and reconstruct the fauna of rangeland and arid areas.

Threatened fauna breeding programs undertaken by Perth Zoo support species recovery plans for a range of native Western Australia's fauna.

Animal conservation research

Research to conserve and manage WA's fauna.

Perth Zoo breeding for conservation

Contributing to the conservation of threatened species through applied scientific research.

Animal ethics and the use of animals

Ensuring the welfare, safety and health of animals used by DBCA for scientific purposes.
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