Comb-crested jacana. Photo by Judy Dunlop/DBCA
Comb-crested jacana. Photo by Judy Dunlop/DBCA

Wetlands in Western Australia include tidal mangroves, billabongs, salt lakes and fresh water springs. These important ecosystems support a large proportion of the State’s flora and fauna.

DBCA manages and protects Ramsar wetlands (wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention) as well as wetlands on department-managed land. 

We also undertake and support research to inform management of the Swan Canning Riverpark. This includes research on waterway condition, monitoring and management.

Wetlands conservation research

Providing a sound scientific basis on which to manage and conserve the State’s wetland and riverine ecosystems.

Wetland conservation policy

Mapping, policy and technical advice to identify, manage and maintain WA’s wetlands.

Rivers and Estuaries Science

Science supporting the management of the Swan Canning Riverpark.

Eyes on the Swan Canning Riverpark

Your portal to information on river conditions. Updated weekly.

Swan Canning Riverpark

Managing and protecting the Swan Canning Riverpark and the rivers at its heart.

Swan River Trust

Providing independent, high level strategic advice on the protection of the Swan and Canning rivers.
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