A marine park on the south coast of Western Australia is proposed as part of the State Government’s Plan for Our Parks.

Scientific studies have shown the marine biodiversity of south coast state waters is globally significant. The south coast marine environment supports vast kelp forests and extensive rhodolith beds, productive reefs and islands, marine species found nowhere else such as the ruby sea dragon, southern right whale nursery areas, seal and sea lion colonies and important fisheries.

The proposed marine park is culturally important to and will be jointly managed with the area’s Traditional Owners, who are partners in the planning process.

The proposed park extends from Bremer Bay east to the South Australian border, and offshore to the limit of State waters. Indicative boundaries for the proposed park are being developed in consultation with Traditional Owners, stakeholders and other community members.

An indicative management plan and zoning scheme will be released for public comment in mid-2023 and will allow for sustainable commercial and recreational activities such as fishing, tourism, diving and boating. No take areas will be placed in diverse habitats of high ecological importance, but their boundaries will be strongly informed by community feedback. Recreational and commercial fishing sectors are being closely consulted to minimise impact on their activities as much as possible, as the area’s great value to fisheries is recognised.

Find out more about the proposed park’s values and scientific knowledge of the area:

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Community engagement

Local community input and knowledge is crucial to planning for the proposed marine park. DBCA will be calling for public submissions on the indicative management plan once it is released. This will occur in the next few months and will be well advertised locally and across all media. Please have your say on the plan.

Community information sessions

DBCA and DPIRD hosted a series of local community information sessions for the proposed south coast marine park in October and November 2021. See downloads below to find out more about the Community Engagement Strategy for the proposed park.

Community Reference Committee

12-member Community Reference Committee provided wide-ranging community advice and input throughout the planning process between December 2021 and March 2023 and helped Traditional Owners, DBCA and DPIRD plan for the proposed south coast marine park.

Sector Advisory Groups

Representatives from a range of community and industry groups (listed below) have provided sector-specific advice to the planning team, Traditional Owners and the Community Reference Committee.

Tourism Simon Latchford simon.latchford@goldenoutback.com 
Recreational Fishing Matt Gillett matt@recfishwest.org.au 
Commercial Fish Darryl Hockey ceo@wafic.org.au 
AbaloneShane O' DonoghueShane@millodon.com
Purse Seine FishingGraeme Drewgraemedrew55@gmail.com
Science Luke Twomey luke.twomey@wamsi.org.au 
Snorkelling, Diving & SurfingDr Doug Cary 
Youth Lisa Bell lisa.bell@education.wa.gov.au
Conservation Organisations 

Christabel Mitchell 

Monique Barker 



Local Environment and Climate Change

Susan Starr 

Jan Archer 



Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about how marine parks work and the proposed south coast marine park? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

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