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Submissions on the indicative management plans and their zoning schemes can be made during the four-month public comment period to 16 June 2024.

Make an online submission

To ensure your submission is as effective as possible:  

  • be clear and concise
  • refer your points to the page numbers, specific proposed zones or specific sections in the plan
  • say whether you agree or disagree with any or all of the management objectives and strategies – clearly state your reasons, particularly if you disagree
  • give sources of information where possible  
  • suggest alternatives for those aspects of the plan with which you disagree
  • be respectful – submissions with abusive or racist comments will not be considered.

How can I make my comments count?

All public submissions will be reviewed and assessed. The management plan may be amended if a submission:

  • provides additional information of direct relevance to management
  • indicates a change in (or clarifies) government legislation or management policy
  • proposes strategies that would better achieve management objectives
  • indicates omissions, inaccuracies or a lack of clarity.

The management plan may not  be amended if a submission:

  • clearly supports proposals in the plan
  • makes general or neutral statements or no change is sought
  • refers to issues beyond the scope of the plan
  • refers to issues that are already noted within the plan or already taken into consideration during its preparation
  • is one among several widely divergent viewpoints received on the topic but the approach in the plan is still considered the best option
  • contributes options that are not feasible (generally due to conflict with legislation or government policy)
  • is based on unclear or factually incorrect information.

A summary of public submissions will be made available along with the final management plan

Proposed Mirning Marine Park indicative joint management plan:

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