Pemberton forest post-fire
Pemberton forest post-fire

Fire has been part of the Australian landscape for millions of years. Many of our plants and animals have evolved to not only survive fire but depend on it for their persistence. As a result of this very long association with fire, many Australian ecosystems have developed specialised relationships with fire. Not all fires are the same.

Most landscapes have evolved in the presence of fire, and plant and animals have adaptations that enable them to co-exist with regimes of fire characterised by the season, intensity, frequency, and scale of burning.

Fire facts

Learn about what fire is, and how landscape and weather affect its intensity

Fire, plants and vegetation

Fire has been a major force on the evolution of plants in Australia for more than 65 million years

Fire and animals

Australian animals have adapted to survive and thrive in fire-prone environments

Cultural burning

Traditional burning practices enhancing the health of country and culture

Fire science

Fire research and development, and the key scientific principles of fire management

Savannah fire ecology in northern Australia

DBCA is working collaboratively to manage fire in the tropical savanna


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