About the Biodiversity Information Office

The Biodiversity Information Office (BIO) is responsible for making Western Australian biodiversity data more discoverable, accessible, and useable. To deliver this change, BIO has developed the Dandjoo biodiversity data platform to mobilise data from all environment-related sectors, including government, industry, research, and the community. BIO’s day-to-day work also includes a program of data-sharing and outreach work, identifying and sourcing priority datasets for release, and managing a central catalogue of the state's taxonomic information.

BIO works in partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (formerly Agriculture, Water and the Environment) as part of the cross-jurisdictional Digital Environmental Assessment Program. In 2022 Western Australia became the first State to deliver data for the Commonwealth’s new Biodiversity Data Repository as a part of this initiative.

BIO is central to Western Australia’s long-term digital strategy for environmental assessment and approvals, supporting high-quality, efficient, and transparent decision-making with reliable data. To allow this, Dandjoo has been designed to support seamless integration with other government platforms, including the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s forthcoming Environment Online service.

Our people

Helen Ensikat Manager Biodiversity Information Office

Nikolai Panine Technical Lead (Data Specialist)

Robert Cechner Business Analyst & Principal Project Officer

Danny Murphy Senior Software Engineer (Design Specialist)

Zahurul Huq Software Engineer

Harlan Pichette A/Data Engineer

Samuel Marcus Data Engineering Officer

Amanda Barker Data Engineering Officer (Biodiversity Specialist)

Kiah Grogan Science Officer (Flora)

Cassia Piper Science Officer (Fauna)