Verticordia insignis subsp. insignis. Photo by Kevin Thiele/DBCA
Verticordia insignis subsp. insignis. Photo by Kevin Thiele/DBCA

Western Australia is renowned for its diverse and spectacular wildflowers, and is one of the premier flora centres in the world. This floral richness is matched by a high number of plants that are threatened with extinction.

Our research documents the diversity and investigates the conservation biology of WA's flora.

Plant conservation research

Conserving and manage WA flora by reducing the likelihood of extinction of individual plant species and loss of plant communities.

Western Australian Herbarium

Describing and documenting WA's exceptional botanical species diversity.

Threatened flora seed centre

WA's principal seed banking facility for rare, threatened and poorly known native plant species.

WA seed centre - Kings Park

Collection, storage and testing of Western Australian native plant seeds, storing seeds from more than 3500 plant species.

Kings Park research

Research into native plant biology for conservation and ecological restoration in WA.
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