Program: Plant Science and Herbarium.

Status: Active

About the research project

This project involves systematic research into the Western Australian marine plants, an ecologically important but relatively poorly known component of flora.

It includes floristic studies of the marine plants of several existing and proposed marine parks and areas of commercial interest to provide baseline information that will enable a more comprehensive assessment of the Western Australian marine biodiversity.

The project is based on specimens collected for and maintained in the Western Australian Herbarium, with all data associated with the specimens, including species descriptions and images, available through Florabase.

In addition, an interactive key to the genera of Australian seaweeds is being prepared, which will enable positive identification of specimens and provide a user-friendly resource for non-experts. It will be of great value in systematic research, teaching, environmental and ecological research, environmental monitoring and quarantine procedures.

Research is currently focused on:

  • taxonomy of turf algae in the Perth region
  • new species and taxonomic revisions of taxa from across Western Australia

Management outcomes

Enhanced knowledge of marine plant species allows a more accurate assessment of management needs and potential impacts of environmental change, including change conferred by resource developments, biosecurity breaches and climate change.

Easier identification of marine plant species leads to a more comprehensive understanding of their conservation status, recognition of regions with high biodiversity and/or rare species, recognition of rare species, recognition of potentially introduced species, and discrimination of closely-related native species.


The project is ongoing with a future focus on:

  • further collection of marine plant specimens to add to the Herbarium and provide enhanced data regarding species abundance and distribution
  • further studies on taxonomically difficult or poorly known groups, incorporating molecular analyses where appropriate
  • formal description of newly discovered species

Project team

John Huisman Cheryle Parker Charlotte Ely
Herbarium Curator, Plant Science and Herbarium Technical Officer, Plant Science and Herbarium Technical Officer, Plant Science and Herbarium



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Awarded the Prescott Award by the Phycological Society of America.

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Popular articles and information sheets

Huisman, J.M. 2022. Look out for… Asparagopsis. Bushland News 124 Summer 2022-23: 26.

Huisman, J.M. 2022. Discovered: Vaucheria, a yellow-green seaweed. Landscope 38(2): 41.

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Huisman, J.M. 2015. A Hidden World. Landscope 30(3): 23-25



John Huisman

Herbarium Curator, Plant Science and Herbarium