Perth Water Buneenboro Locality Plan Policy Area
Perth Water Buneenboro Locality Plan Policy Area

Perth Water, Buneenboro, is a diverse and interconnected living system. Situated between the Narrows Bridge in the west and Windan Bridge in the east, the area includes the adjacent foreshores of the City of Perth, City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park. As a backdrop to this unique natural setting, Perth Water, Buneenboro, sits at the epicentre of Perth, an energetic, growing capital city, which has transformed over the last century of economic, commercial and population growth.

Perth Water Vision Group

This draft Perth Water Buneenboro Locality Plan is an initiative of the Perth Water Vision Group which comprises eight government agencies, each with a strong interface and active role in Perth Water’s management. The Vision Group has been established to improve cross-agency collaboration and guide the Locality Plan’s development and implementation.

Members of the Perth Water Vision Group include:

  • City of Perth
  • City of South Perth
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Department of Transport
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
  • Tourism Western Australia
  • Town of Victoria Park

What is the purpose of the Locality Plan?

The draft Locality Plan establishes a vision for Perth Water Buneenboro and provides development policy, direction and actions to achieve the vision.

The draft Locality Plan focuses on respecting the cultural and environmental value of Perth Water, and addresses key development considerations such as tourism and recreation opportunities, commercial use and transport improvements around and across the river. 

Key elements of the Locality Plan

The Locality Plan comprises two parts:

  • Part 1: Development Policy and Requirements – key policy positions to direct and inform all types of development (including use of the land and water) within the precinct, supported by a series of development requirements that are to be addressed and satisfied as part of any development proposal.
  • Part 2: Action Plan – a rolling five-year action plan which identifies a list of actions members of the Perth Water Vision Group (PWVG) aim to implement the Locality Plan vision. The Action Plan will be updated as new actions arise.

Who can I contact to find out more?

Please email if you have any questions or comments specific to the draft Locality Plan.

Page reviewed 19 Oct 2020